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Generic drug companies, universities, big pharma, excipient manufacturers, hospitals, specialty pharma, small drug development organizations and even investment firms … our customer base is very diverse.

Our pharmaceutical development and technology expertise and capabilities are centered around the development of value-added generics, life cycle management of branded medicines, and complex formulation and chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC) development of finished dosage forms based on new chemical entities (NCEs).

From life cycle management to new chemical entities

From ad-hoc pharmaceutical development services to full CMC development programs


Expeditious support services and full CMC development programs

Avivia Formulation Development

Our flexible and experienced multidisciplinary teams offer fast-track pharmaceutical R&D services in addition to comprehensive pharmaceutical development programs where we take up projects from the start and deliver products tailored to the needs and interests of our customers. Our approach is fully integrated and combines distinctive hands-on pharmaceutical and analytical development work (formulation & CMC). Besides developing new pharmaceutical products, clients approach us with pharmaceutical development programs that have derailed or – in the worst case and despite all previous efforts – have reached a dead end in their in-house laboratories or other service provider.

We support our customers with early-phase pharmaceutical opportunity and strategy evaluation by performing detailed literature searches and reviews, defining freedom to operate and pharmaceutical development strategies for regulatory, patents, formulation development and manufacturing.

In the following pharmaceutical R&D phase we provide pre-clinical formulations and prototype development in combination with full analytical support.

Pharmaceutical Development Services

Having decades of hands-on experience on a wide range of (complex) technologies and a many different types of products, Avivia’s pharmaceutical experts are able to fully execute and/or support the development of any finished dosage form, formula or process, as well as the transfer and scale-up of a developed product to a cGMP manufacturing facility. With our pragmatic and creative development mentality we deliver what a client needs. We perform best by exploring the rationale behind their request in close collaboration with their team.

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Analytical R&D Services

Our pharmaceutical analysis experts know what it takes to bring a pharmaceutical product to the market, from discovery, feasibility to cGMP. Having worked with more than 100 unique molecules and even more formulations, we may state that we have faced the most difficult pharmaceutical CMC challenges involved. Avivia offers flexible comprehensive pharmaceutical characterization, stability, forced degradation and compatibility studies, method development and transfer, problem solving and troubleshooting.

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Predictive and Biorelevant Dissolution Testing Services

Our dissolution platform takes release testing to the highest level. The experience and knowledge-based dissolution testing services focuses primarily on supporting pharmaceutical formulation development and problem solving. Ideally clinical data is used to tune and validate the dissolution method(s). For us dissolution testing is never a routine test. Our dissolution laboratory is equipped with all relevant dissolution techniques (i.e. USP apparatus I, II, III and IV), and more importantly, we know how and when to apply each system in support of pharmaceutical formulation development, troubleshooting and optimization.

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Excipient Characterization and Deformulation Services

Avivia has developed an excipient characterization services to study the chemical composition and purity of excipients and to determine functionality related characteristics (FRCs). With this specific knowledge we have been able to find very specific excipient characteristics that are not part of the routine testing and are not featured on a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) but which do have a profound effect on how the excipient functions within the finished dosage. With this know-how, specific excipient batches, grades or manufacturers can be selected to design pharmaceutical formulations with improved, particular or unique characteristics.

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Team work

At Avivia we work in small multidisciplinary pharmaceutical expert teams, allowing the analytical researcher to be directly involved in the process of pharmaceutical formulation development. This rare approach results in an extremely efficient setting.

For example: the knowledgeable researcher can develop effective dissolution methods, and significantly more important information can be derived from each dissolution test. Educated observations made by the researcher during and at the end of the dissolution test provide valuable data about disintegration, hydration, swelling, erosion, particle size, granulation and coating properties, floating, cone formation, sticking, etc. Discussing these observations during interactions with the pharmaceutical developer offers additional guidance in the evaluation of dissolution profiles, release mechanisms, excipient performance and setting process parameters.

Transfer to cGMP

In the final phase Avivia takes care of the investigational medicinal product dossier (IMPD), analytical method transfer, CMO selection and scale-up. Avivia has a flexible small-scale pharmaceutical GMP production area with state-of-the-art equipment.

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