Having decades of hands-on experience with a wide range of (complex) technologies and many different types of products, our Pharmaceutical experts are able to fully execute and/or support the development of any finished dosage form, formula or process, as well as the transfer and scale-up of a developed product to a manufacturing facility.

With our pragmatic and creative development mentality, we deliver what a client needs. We perform best by exploring together the motivations behind their request.

Our pharmaceutical services are supported by strong in-house analytical, dissolution and excipient characterization platforms.

Research and development

Complex formulations

The execution of many patent workarounds on complex products fueled our creative thinking and problem solving. This enables us to attack the most difficult CMC challenges. We love challenges!

Scale up and manufacturing

Our gained scale up and manufacturing expertise/activities yielded a worldwide covering network of CMO’s with whom we are able to accommodate nearly all products and technologies.

Problem solving and troubleshooting

We can do more than execute a solution! We work with the client to craft a more effective one, confirm they’re solving the right problem, or even help them redefine the problem scope completely .


We are able to offer formulation development services for a variety of dosage forms including:

  • • Tablets, capsules and powders
  • • Gels and creams
  • • Liquids, solutions, suspensions and emulsions
  • • Suppositories and pessaries
  • • Granules for reconstitution
  • • Liquids for sterilization
  • • Drug in capsule/vial


Avivia pharmaceutical development

Examples of recent customer projects

• 3D printing
• Nano-milling
• Silica loading
• Degradable and non-degradable systems
• Implant technology
• Microspheres
• Controlled release coatings
• Controlled release matrix
• Taste masking
• Abuse-proof formulations
• Solubility enhancement

Techniques and equipment

Avivia has a laboratory infrastructure with state-of-the-art equipment such as:

• Extrusion
• Spray-drying
• Nano-milling
• Tabletting
• Encapsulation of solids and/or liquids
• Aseptic filling or sterile manufacturing of injectables (vials)
• Blending
• Granulation (high and low shear, fluid bed)
• Vacuum drying and stability cabinets

Avivia pharmaceutical development

Other technologies and services are accessible within our extensive network.