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Avivia is a Dutch independent pharmaceutical R&D organization and your partner in drug (re)formulation, repurposing and repositioning. Our expertise and capabilities are centered around the development of value-added generic drugs, life cycle management of branded drug products, and complex formulation and CMC development of new drug products (NCE).

We operate a hybrid business model combining specialized pharmaceutical R&D CRO service activities with internal product development programs, whereby in both cases, we approach ‘development’ as not just offering a technical solution but always part of a broader product-oriented strategy.


Avivia has four complementary pharmaceutical R&D specialty service platforms:

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Big Pharma, specialty pharma, small entrepreneurial drug development firms, generic drug companies, universities, excipient manufacturers, and even venture capital firms… our customer base is very broad and diverse.  Although most of our activities are focused on wet-lab product development, we also provide hands-on support services in fields such as IP development, investor’s due diligence, upscaling support, deformulation analysis, life cycle management strategy development, etc.
We have learned that serving many players with very different interests makes us stronger!

Be it the creation of new formulation patents for originator products or the evasion of established formulation patents for generic drug development, we are constantly seeking new IP opportunities to maximize product value. Combined, our team are inventors on more than 30 granted patents on diverse drug products. Patents are in our DNA!

IP creation and evasion

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We like to get involved right from the start of a development project and work closely together with our clients and partners on transforming the idea into a product with a solid and commercially viable target product profile (TPP). We set the bar high but always work step by step with a clear focus on reaching the required end-result in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.
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In many of the projects we encounter, the development has derailed or – in the worst case and despite all previous efforts – has reached a dead end. We are known for our ability to see through the results and to bring up new ways of approaching the project leading to commercial success. Is it our product-driven mindset that makes the difference? Is it our interdisciplinary development approach or our unique technology capacities and experience?
Hard to say but we are very proud that we often succeed where others have failed before!

Network to accelerate

Avivia has access to a great team of pharmaceutical R&D professionals as well as to state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure and equipment. We have also developed a large network or preferred partners in other fields such as pre-clinical development, GMP manufacturing and regulatory affairs. If relevant, we can always make use of their expertise and capacity to further optimize and accelerate customer projects.
It’s great to have friends!

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Only by working closely together we can reach the mindset that leads to real and innovative products.

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Hans Platteeuw, Avivia
“So, this is Avivia in a nutshell. I hope we have been able to trigger your interest so far! In the ‘Services’ and ‘Lab Capabilities’ sections of our website you can find the different services we offer to pharmaceutical, generics and drug development companies. The ‘Projects’ section outlines our internal product pipeline and co-development/partnership opportunities in more detail. If you are interested to learn more about Avivia, don’t hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to help you accelerating your development programs!”

Hans Platteeuw, CEO