Bootcamp in Entrepreneurial Innovation in Orphan diseases 23-25 Oct 2017

There are many aspects to developing medication for orphan indications. But how and when do you take the all-decisive steps that lead to success?
Come and join us during a 2-day bootcamp in Leuven, Belgium, where you will find answers to your questions, and an update on breaking innovations in orphan diseases from frontline speakers.

What are the key drivers and resistors for development of diagnostics and therapeutics in orphan diseases?
How to build a value proposition and sustainable business plan in this setting? When moving outside R&D, which additional challenges arise?
How to design clinical trials and establish strategic partnerships?
Which efforts can be undertaken to ensure access and affordability of orphan disease drugs?

Join us in Leuven to get the answer to these questions and an update on breaking innovations in orphan diseases from frontline speakers including:
Francis Arickx | RIZIV Belgium, Kristof Bonnarens | Pharma-be, Hans Büller | Fair Medicine, Paul Coppo | AP-HP Paris, Hilde De Winter | Ablynx, Daan Dierickx | UZ Leuven, Carla Hollak | AMC Amsterdam, Vinciane Knappenberg | RIZIV Belgium, Diane Kleinermans | Belgian Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Luc Kupers | Sanofi, Kristina Larsson | EMA, Ingrid Maes | Inovigate, Ana Palma | Sobi, Hanspeter Rottensteiner | Shire, Huub Schellekens | Universiteit Utrecht, Steven Simoens | KU Leuven, Walter Van Dyck | Vlerick Business School, Frank Vanderdonck | Avivia, Agnès Veyradier | AP-HP Paris and many more.
Please visit the website for more details or consult the program book.

May 24, 2017

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