9th Global Drug Delivery & Formulation Summit – Berlin – March 2018

The growth of biopharma, patient compliance issues and ever increasing regulatory requirements have encouraged us to adopt a drug delivery mind set from discovery through to production. Every year we see innovation and breakthroughs at all levels of drug and formulation development. From big pharma, through the smaller biotechnology companies all the way to university research teams and spin outs. The DDF Summit brings the most interesting studies and exciting technologies to you. This year there will be 4 dedicated streams focusing on Small Molecules, Biologics, Technology & Innovation and for the first-time Device Development.

You’ll find new technologies, concepts and case studies in areas such as…

– Less traditional delivery routes including nasal, ocular & subcutaneous
– Targeted and controlled release technologies and nanoparticles
– Increasing stability of amorphous solid dispersions
– QbD in biopharmaceutical development
– Formulation strategies for multiple injection dosing
– Oral delivery of peptides
– Continuous manufacturing and processing for improved efficiency
– User friendly technologies for improving patient convenience and compliance
– Regulatory strategies for combination products
– Drug stability and material selection in combination products
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February 20, 2018

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