18th General Memberschip Meeting – Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition – Brussels – March 2018

The world over, members of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition work tirelessly to broaden access to a range of affordable, quality contraceptives. In March, we will gather in Brussels to share our successes and, in particular, to celebrate the advances towards supply security in francophone Africa. This region boasts some of the world’s greatest reproductive health successes but also some of the most troubling statistics and seemingly intractable challenges.

Whether in francophone Africa or elsewhere, there is one thing all countries have in common: a woman’s desire to ensure her reproductive health. So much in a woman’s life can hinge on the response she gets when she arrives at the clinic or pharmacy; and so much goes into making sure that the response she receives is the right one. Will she find choice or simply empty shelves?

So join us in Brussels at our 18th General Membership Meeting from 20-22 March. We will focus on the kaleidoscope of activities currently underway to improve supply chains, to ensure access to quality products, and to fight for policies supportive of women’s needs. In the face of all this activity, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of what really drives us forward – the individual woman. After all, it’s for her – pour elle – that we work to support her right to contraception, to recognize the opportunities choice provides, and ultimately to help transform the world. Why come to Brussels? Pour elle.

RHSC 2018

February 20, 2018

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